(Ugh cringe.... People please don't judge I was 12 when I wrote this the only reason am not changing it is for old times sake. If u wanna have a laugh and check out how much of a weird kid I was please read on.....)

Why HELLOOOO DEAR wattpad wanderer and Welcome to Sarah merad's crazy bitching Kingdom.....

To tell u the truth I have no fucking idea why ur here ( since all I do is read and write fucking comments on wattpad)
nonetheless ur presence here is fully apreciated. By the way u have a smudge on ur face....

uhu.....u read right I can fucking see you! (cue the evil laugh )

Lol only kidding am not a stalker ( well I'd like to think am not I mean I could be a stalker in denial but I guess this debate is for another time )
Anyway since ur already here I may as well tell u a bit about myself ...
As u may already have guessed i swear a LOT like shit LOADS lot.I believe it to be a way to express and convey your emotions quickly and efficiently with minimum effort.Some people may not fully appreciate the extent of my vocabulary but guess what ?
I don't care...
I really can't be bothered to finish this right now, so..........


note- I AM A FEMINIST AND PROUD (although not the man hating type .....i mean come on am a girl and i have dam needs!)

double note- Am a die hard Robert Thier fan soooooooooo if ya haven't read his books (especially s&s series) ........GO CHECK IT OUT BITCH!

triple note- if ur offended chill the fuck out dear little old me meant no offence (insert look of complete innocence )

Quadruple note- I was high on kinder chocolate when I wrote this. ...probably not the best state of mind to be in when writing an Introduction on yourself, but ....I guess it does the job, right?
Who cares anyways, it's not like I can be bothered to rewrite everything. ...
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