Hello all!
          	Sorry for the massive late blast on this. If you participated in the last awards, here are the participant stickers for you!


Hi everyone!
          So sorry for being AWOL for a bit! The week that I was supposed to finalize and post winners, I was involved in a car accident and I wanted to spend that time to heal and come back stronger! It also happened to be final exams too and I had to focus on the two things at that moment. 
          Anyway, round one winners will be posted on Monday, Dec. 9 (EST) and overall winners will be posted on Friday, Dec. 13 (EST). Stickers for round one and overall winners will be sent out by the end of December!
          Thank you all for your patience,
          Athena @skidzipop


@LGBTLiteraryAwards hugs being sent!


Take care and thank you!


@Tysongirl123 Much better now! Thank you <3


Hello everyone!
          We will be closing the submission form in a couple of hours so please get any last-minute entries in. Looking forward to reading and judging all your works!


Hello friends!
          Our Updates & News book has officially been published! Majority of our announcements will be posted in that book so it's recommended that you add it to your library for any future updates and news.
          Check it out here:
          - Athena @skidzipop


@LGBTLiteraryAwards Sounds great, count me in! ;)


Hello all,
          I am Athena, founder of LGBT Literary Awards, a writing campaign aimed at celebrating LGBTQIPA+ representation and themes in literature.
          Our first ever writing awards is scheduled to take place in October (LGBT History Month) and I want to get all the necessary preparations taken care of. This sole purpose of this first ever broadcast is to recruit team members! I'm looking for judges to help build this writing awards up to the potential that I know it has!
          To apply to be a team member, you can go on our linktee provided in our bio. You can also apply through this link:
          Hope to hear from you! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and stop by anytime.
          - Athena @skidzipop | Founder


Just a small update:
            To play it safe, I won't allow those competing in the awards to be a judge just so everything is completely fair. I want more people to join in on this adventure and I am perfectly fine judging so many entries on my own if it means you get to have fun with the awards as well!


@LGBTLiteraryAwards thanks for the info. :) Submitted my app ❤️


@NikoleKnight Discord is an app for both Android and iOS and you can also use it on a web browser as well! 
            @glassEyed @NikoleKnight If you want to enter the writing contest, you can still be a judge. HOWEVER, you can't be on the team that judges the genre that your work is in. Also, you can't ask anyone how your work is doing in the process nor can you talk about it in the group. This makes it fair to everyone else who has their work submitted and they're not working on a team.
            @ArimaMary @nefelibatanSoul There are always ways to help without judging but I probably won't bring them up until after the first awards? This is fairly new and I want to see how things go first! As soon as the first awards are over, I know I will be definitely bringing in some more people with additional roles. Ultimately, if you feel like there's a role that I should have right now, please send a PM with a pitch on why the role is needed and its benefits and you'll never know, you might just get it!