Hello there, worms- no, no- I'm supposed to be acting nice. Hello there, /friends/. I am Frieza, Not-So-Evil-Anymore... Do I have to read this? I do? Well, dammit... The Not So Evil Anymore Emperor of the Universe. Recently, I've begun to be more interested in talking to you people, and that miserable Son Goku got Beerus to drive me into this bet... So I'm not killing anyone anymore, I guess- just don't do anything stupid and it'll be easier for the both of us.

This Frieza, after being allowed a non-immortality wish, actually was granted a human form, whilst maintaining all of his original power as a Frost Demon. He's also taller, like he was stated to have wanted to wish for in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

-Admin Info-

Call me Frieza, Lord, or whatever you like. I like going by Jack though.

I'm Old Enough, a bit rude to ask, no? Not too old though.
I'm a Straight, Cis White dude. I'm the vanilla flavored ice cream of humans.
I RP a lot. Frieza is one of my favorite characters and I enjoy RPing as him, I have an OC book in the works to show the OCs I use. I enjoy roleplaying fights a lot, too. That's what I think I'm the strongest at writing.
While I don't classify as LGBTQ+, I strongly believe those people should have the rights they deserve as humans, and I refuse to discriminate against people in that regard.

-Fandoms I'm In-

Dragon Ball(Go Broly Go Go)
One Piece(Currently on Sky Island Arc)
My Hero Academia(Completed up to Season 4 and I am mostly up to date with the Manga Volume releases in the United States.)
Kengan Ashura + Kengan Omega (Sayaka can take me any day of the week lmao)
God of Highschool (Expect me to use Renewal Taekwondo in CRP sometimes)
Super Mario
The Legend of Zelda
Persona 5

That's mostly it. Feel free to chat with me.
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