I'm just here to ghost
I'll browse around, maybe find a story or two that I like, then I'll add it to my list
My list is pretty longs so it will take me a while to get to each book. Especially since I don't read as much as I wish I could. The feeling just escapes me now. I find it difficult to enjoy reading now that my very own life is turning into a drama worthy to be immortalized between two covers. Or maybe that's just me overreacting 😉

My favorite poet is E.H. I feel like everything she's written is beautiful and I can't help but feel it in my heart.

I'm pretty open minded about many things, and if for some reason I act otherwise, then you have my apologies.

I would also like to wish everyone who reads this Merry Christmas/happy holidays! Whether I know you or not, I'd like to say that you are a very special person. Maybe to me or maybe to someone else. You probably don't even know how special you are to someone. However I'm telling you right now that you are:)
You could take it as some fluffy inspirational crap I'm saying for Christmas, or you could wake up and look around you very closely. Maybe, if you actually believe what I say, you'll notice the love and/or concern some people show you and have been showing you for a while now.
It's okay to be unaware of it, but never believe for one second that you aren't important to someone.
Hmm, alright
That's enough from me😂

Oh, actually, one last thing. I'm obsessed with motorcycles now:) they are one of the few things in life that bring me joy so I'm looking into getting a license soon and buy my first personal bike!
Super excited despite my bland tone😂

Well, thanks for visiting my profile, and if you managed to read this far, congratulations! I'd give you a high five or a cookie but I still don't know you and you're likely not near me in terms of location so I'll have to take a rain check
Haha, well, have a good life.
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