So I got a notification about The Wattys... am I suppose to nominate someone or is it just telling me it's that time of the year? This is the first time I ever got the notification so... ya...


@KuraChan-ya    Umm, hey. I'm kinda new here. I just wanna ask, what happened to your fanfiction  "The Loyal Nakama" that you mentioned in the first chapter of "Death can't Have Her?" Has it been taken down? Is there another platform where I can read it?


You are officially one of my favorite authors on wattpad....how are you such an awesome writer? You’re humorous, developed a great story line, and it’s just so enjoyable to read your work. 


look. idk if you use wattpad. or have delete it or idk what but. pls PLS if you have in mind even in the back, or if there is a hope you will continue the sequel pls do it because I just end the first book and I wanna die with how it ended. If you see this pls consider continuing the book. pls


Soooo, any updates ? I don’t want to start it knowing it’s not being updated or being completed 


Are you still working on Death return? 
          cause im really love that series and im carving for a new chapter ♡♡♡


Hello KuraChan-ya! I'm a reader from Philippines and I just finished reading your story "Death can't have her" and its sequel "Death Return". I just want you to know that I love your OC Shiki's a bad ass! (I know you already knows that hehe) I like her personality and have a good laugh reading her responses in conversation. I hope you can write another story soon. (I look forward to it). Gambatte! ✊


Hey, you still using Wattpad?
          'cause I really like your Story's and would be very happy if you could start updating them again.


Not really, I'm still conscious of my story and wrote bits and pieces for it, even imagining some scenes for it but got side tracked by a different fandom  I'll try to update before I go back to uni though. 


I really love your stories! Specially 'Death Can't Have Her' and 'Deaths Return' I just wish you would update soon! It's really been a while, Kurachan-ya..


Hey, I just wanted to tell ya that 
          I love 'Death cant have her' and that I also love the 2nd part , ' Death's Return' . Can't wait to read what happens next(: 


I absolutely love your stories "Death Can't Have Her" and "Death's Return" I can't wait to see your update and I wish your stories could be made into an actual handheld book instead of online so I could put it with all my other treasured books :)


Aww, you're so sweet, thank you :)
            I'll try to update when I can, right now I'm near the end of my semester at school so I'm kinda busy with assignments and upcoming tests.
            Thanks for reading my stories :D