First chapter of the second book of Of Beast and Beauty is up! Check out Of Snow and Blood now!! 


@KrisBlack when will you update the next chapter


I am babysitting and we are currently coloring a bag and all of a sudden i think about WTF does the king want with Alina  and did her brother make it to the castle .... Are you posting soon i hope so.. Have a good rest of your day and stay Healthy & Happy 


Hi I just finished the first book in the series and can’t wait for more chapters in the 2nd chapter in book 2. I know how it is for authors but Please give us more soon. 


Will you be continuing of snow and blood? I loved the first story of Alina and Christian!!
          Thank you for your beautiful stories!


I loved your book, “My Enemy, My Mate” and I just wanted to say it was beautifully written! Some of the hardships they went through made me feel the same emotions! I’ve been trying to find an enemy to lovers book, with a happy ending, and this was perfect! <3