|✦|I'm a science-fantasy writer/podcaster as well as a newly graduated xenobiologist with a major in xenoarchaeology.

|✦| Currently I'm working on a scientific thesis based on my personal concept of magmatism and the concept of elementary particles.

|✦| Original Alpha/Creator of the Midnight Shadow Pack/Alpha Name: Blair. Midnight Shadow Pack was a wonderful creation of mine, and was the first rp I ever created during my early watty time. Now, it is included in my omniverse not just as a token of memory, but also a realm in which wolves from all walks of life are welcome.

|✦| Creator of the 『✦|Kanzenban Omnisaga Book|✦』 - A type of episodic science-fantasy book capsulizing omnigigatrazillions|✦basically, a fucking lot✦|of layered events and occurrences happening in an episode of the story.

|✦| I write consistently and keep my works consistent, however at the same time I write whatever I want. I write for myself. I write about my paracosm--letting the stories make themselves out of my omniverse--and incorporate things I find cool and interesting. My goal isn't to write according to length, or write according to what is and isn't okay, or write for publication and fame. And I most certainly do not write according to the concept of being real. No none of that. I write according to the rules of fun and cool, I write the absolutely absurd and absolutely over the top science fantasy nonsense. You can either follow me on my adventures or stay at home/do something else. I write stories because I love stories, and all of my stories, are story driven stories.

|✦| "The power of a writer is that he/she is a god of sorts. He/She can create their own worlds and populate them with their own people, all by the powers of their imagination. It's the closest that they can come close to the gods. No wonder writers are considered immortal." - Bangambiki Habyarimana
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