name[s]. . . . ?
օʊʍǟ ӄօӄɨƈɦɨ

ultimate. .?
ųƖɬıɱąɬɛ ʂų℘ཞɛɱɛ Ɩɛąɖɛཞ
❝ ~ɹıɐdsǝp ǝʇɐɯıʇln ǝɥʇ sɐ u ʍouʞ oslɐ ❞

❝ i am the mastermind~! ❞
' it's a lie. .. i'm so done here. i can't handle to see anyone else die. that's why i'm stopping this. i can't stay. take care. '

❝ nee heehee~! what did you expect? i'm a liar, after all. .. ❞

❝ only i care for you, y'know. ❞

❝ suffer. you don't deserve the luxury of life! ❞

❝ game over. it's punishment time~ ❞

❝ .. .stop telling yourself the world is a good place. this place is damned! learn to love the dirty stuff and oh ho ho boy, you're in for a treat!! ❞

❝ i-i think. . . i think i like you. . .
. ..just kidding~! don't look so disappointed, i didn't mean it, of course . .. ❞

❝ it's a lie, nishishi~! ❞

❝ . ..did i really fall for you. .? ❞

❝ goodbye, world~! ❞

// loving you is a losing game. \\
•arcade. duncan lawrence.•

||~matching background and bio with @SHSL-Ultimate-Baker~||

kokichi's BiTcHeS-
KEYBOARD~ @SynchroMono
BAKER MAMA~ @SHSL-Ultimate-Baker
mother that kinda makes shumai and i brothers... @c-chxxzy
kokichi's stalkee~ @Orochimaru_Admin
edgy knife lady~ @B-BloodStainedBlades

admin's buddies-
dramatic nee-chan- @young_Bakugou
one whom smokes oxiclean with me- @ohyoullbebaccc
i kinda stabbed her, i need someone to lend me their basement- @modsonia
i 'accidentally' burnt down his kitchen in an attempt to make cookies- @SHSL-Ultimate-Baker
fellow kyoko simp- @c-chxxzy
i stole their soul- @QueenExplosion21

call admin stepan or frog.
ask for any other information.
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