hello my babies! my exam ended yesterday. I have another one next week lolol what is life? 
          	But anyway I am semi-free now so you can look forward to updates this week! I enjoy having just These Little Flames to focus on at the moment but do know that in my time away I've been working on and planning lots of new book ideas. So it wasn't just me studying like a psychopath the whole time haha.
          	I also traveled by the way! That was fun. Going around the US. I came home like a day before the exam. 
          	Also on a side-note, if you haven't already done so you need to listen to every single song by Halsey. Now. They are life-altering. I'm not even exaggerating. 
          	and thankyou to those of you who messaged me in my time away. you guys are the best. ♡


@ KnightLights  Dan, Strange Love by Halsey is such a Larry song, don't you think? Hope you gone well on your exam. Good luck on the next. x :)


Hi, i dont know if u are still active sometimes but i can't find your instagram account, do you have a new one? if you ever come pass your account your super talented its amazing


sorry if I am writing to you, since you said "no more translations", but I wanted to ask you if you could allow me to translate "A Few Hitches" into Italian. It is a story that I personally believe is wonderful and it would be nice to share it. obviously all the credits would go to you. thanks anyway :)


Hi! I would like to know if I can translate “Blasé” into Spanish. I searched and I think it hasn’t been translated yet. 
          I would love to do it! 
          Hoping you’re feeling spicy ☀️
          Have a nice day 
          (you wrote a masterpiece, genius, ily) 


@TommoLovesHazz yeahh..i totally agree its really a good creation..i absolutely love it...thanks to the author


Encontré tu historia por error, pero la verdad esta buena y me gustó alv. 
          viva Larry, bro


A las que vinieron por perfecto mentiroso; Alex dice que es un bug, ya le paso antes, tengan paciencia ah.