Bonjour les amis, Its Kat and this is my part of the bio. 
~I'm 17 years old and i'm a California girl born and raised.
~Fantasy is my primary genre but I also write teenfic/Romance
~I have 5 other wattpad accounts so you'll most likely see me around (Kat Reyes)
~I am obsessed with Cartoons (90's and 2000's)
~I also make graphics so if you want one make sure to PM me at my main account @Goddess_Of_Misfits


Hola, como estas? Lol since she^ put something in French, I put something in my second language XD
Anyways. This is Nikki and my part of the bio

~I'm 17 too, and I'm somewhere lost in the United States XD
~I only write on my original account. But I have one here for my old magazine
~I'm obsessed with Family Guy and American Dad, so those will more than likely be mine XD . Idk what else Imma do tho
~I make graphics too! Not as good as her tho


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