So, uh... what do I even put here?

I'm Kira.

Yeah, no, still have no idea what I'm doing.

I've been a part of fanfiction for a while now; first it was reading then it morphed into writing, then I got hit by writer's block and went back to reading, and now I'm somewhere in between.

Life sucks, basically.

I started on, a sister website you could say. I'll leave a link to my profile if any of you are interested in checking it out - s'all your choice. I write RWBY primarily on Fanfiction, though even before that, I wrote a bit of Pokemon fanfiction on a previous account - also on Fanfiction. I've since abandoned that profile, though from time to time I go back and read some of my works. Fond memories, sure, but a hell of a lot of cringe. Seriously. I still think some of my RWBY stories are cringe-inducing. That aside, I enjoy it all, and have decided to spread my wings.

As I said, I used to write Pokemon fanfiction, and I've redeveloped a spark for the franchise. I loved playing through Sun and Moon and their Ultra counterparts, and decided to rewatch the anime. Since I left off at Unova, I decided to watch the XY series.

Now, while I'm still going through it as I write this, I will admit something upfront to all of you who happen to cross this profile.

I love Amourshipping.

I'm sure those of you who also love this particular pairing understand my reasoning, so I won't go into it.

I will also say I am okay with a majority of the other shippings Ash is a part of, so don't chop off my head. If you have a personal favorite pairing that is not Amourshipping, go and embrace it. That's what fanfiction is for.

TL;DR: I have fallen in love with Pokemon again after a long dry spell and want to share my creations using Wattpad. I also have a profile on if any of you are interested in checking it out. It's 99% RWBY, so there you go.

I hope that those of you who pass through enjoy what I publish.
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