Well, here are some things about me :))

The things I LOVE are BOOKS, MUSIC, ANIME, AND .. BOOKS , AND MUSIC AND ANIME XD .. sounds like a total nerd but really, I AM NERD. XDD

The BOOKS I love are . nah never mind .. too many :))
The MUSIC I love are .. nah too many to :))
Also with the ANIME ..

I am also a happy-go-lucky-quite responsible-funny-quirky-yet sometimes serious-adventurous-action lover-fighter-yet gentle kind of person X))

Nah. . Usually im all fun and games , but I get really serious about things like FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST .. YEAH AND MAYBE LOVE TOO but nah.. NOT SO MUCH :))

as you may have noticed that most of the stories I write are among these genres:

Teen Fiction
Reality/ True Stories
Fan Ficition

but really, whatever comes in my head, I TRY to WRITE AND PUBLISH IT .. but nah .. im kinda lazy but when there's a story I really want to share . I'll PUBLISH IT .. maybe not now, but someday :))

that's all really for now .

HAND ! :))
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