✨I'm Abi✨ She/Her✗  Weird✗ child like ✗ introverted ✗ sleep deprived ✗ has anxiety ✗ loves hentai ✗ 4'8 ✗ has HPS (Hyper Sensitive Person ✗ Loves a lot of fandom ✗ 13 I think ✗ 5 older Brothers ✗  Yes I am a blushing anime girl everyday :c ✗  I has doge ✗ Pan ✗  Libra ✗  Space Nerd

•Broken Angel•: not finished

~°| The White Wolf |°~: Not published yet but soon to come

Master:Not Published

Demon Family Series: Books not finished

Narcissist:Not published

Muted:Not Published

Best hentai to watch : Sweet Punishment

(I love bts equally but this is if I had to choose two)
Bias wrecker: Yoongi

I make up my own types of stuff and I make up new laws in my mind for example of a law I made up: you can marry and have sex with somebody at the age of 10 or up

(Some are not mine)Words I made up:
Half-dead:Dead on the inside but alive on the outside, usually have special abilities and occurs when a person gets their dna messed up whenever they die

Akuma:Japanese version of reaper but in my world and akuma is stronger than a reaper

Reaper:in my world a reaper is somebody who steals souls but could also break a soul and eat then

Broken souled: A broken soul is whenever a reaper breaks somebody's soul

Mind broken: in my world you can break anybody's mind and that means they will be depressed until somebody can unbreak them

Hybrid:Half human half animal

Furry:Like a human but animal version

Ashield(got this off a book but made up a description in my mind of something else): A person who has special abilities and can mark people or things easily

Marks: You either bite and suck in somebody's neck and draw blood or have sex with them, easy peasy

Angel-demon: A person with on his/her left side angel wings and other side devil wings with a halo and horns with devil's tail

(These might be use in some of my books)


My online Eonni: @snowball_kohai

My IRL oppa: @Alex_anderUwU

A trio I'm in: @Three_Dreamerz
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