Adventure awaits!

What path will you choose...?

Kings and queens?
Witches and wizards?

It's up to you!

The kingdom of Sirena is my au, which is a fantasy land, that I came up with all on my own, with my own imagination.

If you wish to use this name, please give credit!

In Sirena, you have different areas, the Mermaid lands, The royalty, The adventure land, The rouge land and many MANY more!

At the moment, you will join Funneh and the yhs gang, in the royalty area, where a dark force lurks around the castle walls.

Something happens, that has damaged the kingdom of Sirena, and it's up to the to remaining member of the gang, to save it before the darkness takes over all of the areas of Sirena.

Can they do it in time?
Or will darkness take over...?

Read it to find out!
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