Kelli Owen, born and raised in Wisconsin, was a reviewer for fifteen years and editor of some of the biggest names in the genre for over ten. She has been to countless conventions, participated on dozens of panels, and spoken at CIA headquarters in Langley regarding her writing. And they still don't know what genre to put her in... 

Now settled in Pennsylvania, she's not a horror writer in the traditional sense. Rather than throwing blood at the page, she prefers to let it soak in... slowly. Creepy, moody, atmospheric, and quiet are her favorite ways of getting under your skin. And she will. With a smile.

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When not writing, Kelli can be found doing her podcast, Buttercup of Doom. Each week Kelli offers up writing advice, something to smile about, a rant regarding society at large, and a bit of gypsy wisdom.

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Black Bubbles by KelliOwen
Black Bubbles
Horror is pessimism at its bleakest. Worst-case scenario. The darker side of reality. The glass half-empty. T...
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