I'm 16
I love lgbtq+ ships for some reason🏳️‍🌈
Glee: Faberry, sometimes fapezberry, a little pezberry, samchel, klaine (mainly Faberry)
Wynonna Earp: Wayhaught
Riverdale: Beronica, Jarchie, bughead, Choni
Criminal minds: Jemily

97% of you won't care
But when Jesus died on the cross
He was thinking of YOU
If you're part of the 3% that cares
Post this on your bio

"A woman's best accessory is her smile"
"The greatest thing a woman can wear is her confidence"
"There are infinite shades of beauty. And your natural shade looks best on YOU"
"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect"
"Love has no limits"
"All actions have consequences sooner or later. And the hard way is usually how you learn"
"Good is alright, but it ain't great"
"I'm not bossy. I'm The Boss"
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
"You can't make fire feel afraid"
"Scars are like battle wounds"
"I don't need people to think for me"
"The best curve on your body is your smile"
"Happiest girls are the sexiest girls"
"They want our rhythm but never our blues"
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