Guys,I Will disappear this week.I Guess I Will appear only One day...so..Yeah.I Just wanted to tell you so you won't worry about me ^^


@Eternal-Essence I'm back,But not for long ;-;


@KamishiroYuzu8 Bye Sama I hope you do well with your tests!


hello! i hope i'm not bothering you, haha. 
          i just started my akaashi fanfic, and i
          was wondering if you could check it out...
          your feedback would mean the world to
          me :) here's a short description:
          "i wanted to see the world the way 
          you saw it."
          in which a struggling musician 
          turns to the internet for help
          with his lyrics and starts receiving
          anonymous letters. 
          "but now i'm blind from the 
          light you took from me."
          thank you so much!
          signing off,
          — mae :)


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                    thank you so much for 
                    the    follow!    i    really
                    appreciate  it.   i   hope
                    you have a great day! 
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                    i noticed you followed my
                    followback account, @temaeri
                    and thank you!    but   can
                    you follow my main instead?
                    it's  @amaejiki .
                   thank you so much!
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Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it! Stay safe and take care and if you want to chat my dm's are open ((: