Hoi, its dat boi! This is the new Kaison account for a while. The old one will eventually become the Kaison Takeda account again, but that won't be for some time. For the time being, this is all the same shit that you got from Kai. Its good to be back!

{after the original admin comes in to make sure the new one is taking care of my baby and edits everything to make it REAL Kai}

'Sup bitches! This is the new Kaison account for a while. The old one will stay the fucking 5sos account because that band is literally the best thing in the world! You better Fucking follow @SpoofleDee5sos and @PenguinBoiHemmo because those are my other accounts and they're... still weird as fuck. I dont know. Anyways! Bio time! It's been awhile since I made one of these. Damn. Okay. Ready. Set. Fuck me, Dean!

Name: Kaison Takeda
Nicknames: Kai, Poet Boi, Lil Poetato, KawaiiKai, Boi
Age: 15-16
Relationship: You don't understand how fucking complicated it is! Like. Wowza.
Admins: Ireland/Danni & DJ/Who tf are u again?
Hobbies: idk. I fanboy a lot. I dye my hair like every month.
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Stories by Kai~
Ireland's Shit  by Kaison_Takeda
Ireland's Shit
This is Ireland's shit. Duh.
DJ's Shit by Kaison_Takeda
DJ's Shit
lol ofc Ireland made the fucking cover! I'm so fucking proud of myself! WOW!