@savereena I will be soon! :D


Hey  Krishee~Thanx for choosing to follow me. And because you’re new to my work, and such a sweetie, I'm sending you a short story of mine to save for those times you're home alone and feeling. . . well you know. . . a little naughty :) 
          Warning there's some “mature content in Part 4--but nothing you probably haven't already . . . thought about . . . (or do yourself sometimes on those boring, solitary afternoons :) 
          Enjoy my reads. And check out SEE MORE on my profile for all 29 works—various genres.


First - Are you somehow related to india?
          Second - please please checkout my story "SUMMER'S WINTER " by two_common_people


Why have your stories been on hold for almost 3 years!
          You are an amazing writer and I have gotten to the end of almost all of your stories and I reaaaallly need you to update! 
          Please update soon.


Hi there,
          I just wanted to drop by and sincerely thank you for following me. It means a lot and it's truly appreciated! :D