Wow, I'm short of words of your lovely and charming eyes.  I can feel how happy you are from your lovely smile, the beauty of a Diamond Angel is in you, I must confess you are pretty Angel sent from above and your eyes are beautiful because they are filled with kindness and intelligence.  I really want to communicate with you but sending you friend request without your consent will be rude, I will be glad if you add me up so we can chat and know more about each other, Thanks.


Back In the saddle and SQL books are there in paperback.  I can’t find them anywhere and I prefer to have books


Into the darkness was great but the link not letting me get to the next book n I so want to read it 


I loved back in the saddle! Where can I find book 2? The link isn’t working 


Good night when do we to read your new book "Braving the Elements" the first book have me on my toes ... please let it be soon ☹️


Just finished Back in the Saddle! And what an amazing read it had such a unique energy to many other books on this site. I admire you as an author and keep doing your thing!!!


The second book to into the darkness has it been written yet?


I can’t find the second Hanging On book. Is it no longer available?


@Twilightgirl_88 Me too l searched like 5 times


Will it come on Wattpad at any point? I couldn’t find it on smashwords. 


Interesting story, I wonder how it will work out at the end