hey hey hey it's amaia, or ami mai like most of y'all know me  :)    if you didn't read my last announcement,  i'm not being active here on wattpad anymore.  a lot have been happening since the start of 2021 and,  unfortunately,  it has affect my mental health a lot.  i don't wanna make this a sad goodbye so i'm just gonna wrap things up with saying thank you,  thank you so much for being there for me these last four months.   honestly,   i loved every fucking second i was here in wattpad,   y'all helped me a lot,   you guys have no idea.   it doesn't matter if you were here since the beginning or not,   i still love you with all my heart !! 

with much love, amaia aka swag master ;)

ps: social media if u wanna keep in touch

twitter: KEIJIL0VE
instagram: fckins1utt

if u want my other account pls dm me on
instagram or twitter!
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oh em gee i never thought i would say this but i guess everything has an end, right?    yup i’m leaving wattpad, but it’s for the good of my mental health ( i think ) i’ve never wanted to tell you gu...
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