Everyone please welcome my 40 year old bio ✋

Hi~!! You can call me Trish. I like kpop. I am a multi. My ults are BTS and NCT. I like some Western artists too.
I'm a Girl,07 liner, Ambivert, Straight, weird, sarcastic, chaotic, I'll spam you just for fun, Jobless 25/8, I use a lot of fandom references, I like making new friends so pm me if you want to, Lazy af, 5 year old in the body of a 14 year old.
Single and ready to eat Pringles ✌

@aknifetwists - My real life bff/ 30 year old soul
@-EXCLIPS3 - Mah bish/ The one I'm probably high with
@Istantoomuchhelp - My weirdo friend/ talented bish
@vantae_inyourarea - Snow chick/ ScorpiHOE
@JKsPB25 -Jocelyn the Dwarflin (Dwarf+Goblin)/ amazing editor
@krihoe - Fellow Multi/ clown
@iiiias- - Cursed memes queen/ She needs help
@MvffinwithTae - Muffin/ long lost sister
@-kxtnip__ - Crazy ass bitch/ high 25/8
@-seoltang - Hand simp buddy/ Tuna
@Dragons_Are_C00L - Cool af/ The one who doesn't give spoilers
@seven0six - My Y/N / Seven
@simPjaeYuN - My crackhead friend/ Online Elder sister
@CookieChan777 - My bff
Mess with them and I'll make your life a living hell :")

Yes I'm straight. Yes I listen to sweater weather.
It's called having good music taste✋

Follow back if I feel like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don't follow if you're going to unfollow. It's annoying.

This bio is so messy I really need to fix it but nahh #ProcrastinatingSquad #I'msorryChan

You have complete permission to spam my MB

Thank you.
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