Hola!! I'm J.T.A. 

Here is just some of my contact info. and other media accounts:

• Instagram: Just_That_Alien
•Email: Will be added soon.

Here are somethings to know about me!

•I enjoy reading and writing.

**My favorite quote is "Stars cannot shine without darkness."**

° I love foreign languages, so you might see a lot of that in my books.

•I can read and write a little bit of French.

°I'm a supporter of the LBGT community, and I do write girlxgirl, boyxboy and girlxboy novels.

• I enjoy reading sci-fic books, so if you know any good ones message me, so I can read them.

°I LOVE anything alien 👽



Food is delicious, I know that. But if you touch my food I'll take your eyes out with a spoon and then go all Krampus on you
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