I Am very very Excited to announce HungerGame Fans.    The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Coming out May19th this. Month. 
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Heya! I recently started writing my first book 'Thorn'. Not as many people as I'd like are reading it and giving me feedback. I'd appreciate it if you could just check it out and tell me what you like about it, and how I could improve my writing. 
          I saw on your bio that you like hearing a Christian message in a book. Well 'Thorn' is about a girl, Coralline, who is changed by God. And the entire book is gonna be ranging from a time when she just begins to see God work in her life, to her being transformed completely into a new creation in Christ, all while trying to survive the battlefield that is high school  
          Much love from a sister in Christ! ❤️


To all my Christian Followers 
          I got a surprise for you guys coming soon!


Hey Christian Followers here is the surprise I promised! 
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I love surprises! :)


Hii! Thanks for the follow! I hope you take time to read my story, The Ice Wielder. That would be awesome! Thanks again and Godbless!


          I would really love if you would give my book "Heart's desire" a try.
          Creative criticism appreciated 
          With love,


Hello love! Today i updated the first chapter of "The story of Us." It's about everyone in existence has a role here. And it all starts with God. I really hope to inspire you and many other. I hope you  keep in tune.