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A fake smile can lead to sadness and unhappiness.

All live's matter.

Life is complicated and trust me,it is when it come's to someone who's suffering a lot irl.

The truth hurt's,but,word's can hurt,too...

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Hello,everyone,and welcome to my account.

I'm just an otaku nerd who like's to watch Anime and YouTube video's.

I do rp and if you want to rp with me,all you have to do is ask.

If you all don't see me posting,it mean's i'm busy,dead,or taking a break.

Innocent,but,kinky as fuck or should i say hell~

Age: 26.

Birthday: May 31,1995.

Book Cover's: The book cover's are made by me.

Dislike's: Abandonment,animal abuse,bad manner's,being alone/forgotten/and lonely,betrayed,bullying,Christmas,copycat's,fake friend's,feeling used,forceful rp,Halloween,hater's,height's,liar's,mean people,my past,spider's,trust issue's,and Valentine's Day.

Gender: Female.

Hero Name: Angel Wonder.

Like's: Anime,beautiful artwork,cartoon's,cherry blossom's,classic Anime/movie's,coffee,Fall,Final Fantasy X2,Furrie's,Hazbin Hotel,Helluva Boss,Kingdom Heart's,Lore Olmpus,My Hero Academia,rain,reading,scary movie's,singing,sleeping,staying up late at night,Studio Ghibli,sushi,Tokyo Japan,video game's,writing,Yaoi,and YouTube.

Profile Picture By: Bunnkies.

Quirk: Guardian Angel/Healing.

Relationship Status: Single as a pringle.

State: Florida.

Used to be: @AlejandraPerez1524.

Zodiac: Gemini.
  • Florida.
  • JoinedDecember 18, 2020

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JondaPerez1525 JondaPerez1525 Aug 13, 2021 07:04PM
This is my remake book of The Full Moon Within You and since i'm rewriting everything,i added a lot of thing's to the book.I added a few thing's,i wanted to write the chapter's a little bit longer,a...
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The Full Moon Within You. by JondaPerez1525
The Full Moon Within You.
[[Book Remake: 01,02,03,and 04.]] [[No,i do not support murder,rape,or suicide.]] [[Used to be @AlejandraPere...
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