Guys baka matagalan ng konti yung next update ah. Na-corona virus ata tong cp ko at ngayon pa nasira. Wait and chill lang kayo. Thanks 


@JinAmistad sad..  thanks sir jin


@JinAmistad awwwww, sige po sir jinn


@JinAmistad okay po noted po sir 


Hi Sir Jin! It would be redundant if I reposted my message to you from your other account to this one. The bottom line of that message lang naman is that I hope you’re doing well. It has been so so many years but you have no idea how big of an impact you and your stories are to my life—one of the main reasons why I thrive to live and be better every day. I wasn’t vocal about this before kasi silent reader lang talaga ako back then but this time I want you to know that your stories saved me over and over again from depression. Wishing you the best at salamat sa lahat, sir!
          Hehe :)


First time kong nabasa to, I just hope magkaron ako ng chance na mabasa ung iba mo pang stories and also matapos po itong Nirvana. Thank u author


Its been 3 years sir. I cant forget the story sa BND it always pop in my mind and the winter also I am really frustrated na On hold at di na matutuloy yung BND 3 But what i really shocked is that all your works was deleted sana po mabigyan nyo kami ng fans nyo ng chance para mag basa ulit  If I have work na I will find you author at madami akong questions about sa story ng BND at about why you stopped. I really wish na mababalik lahat ng stories at ma co continue. Take care always


hi sir jin its mee again HAHAHHA siguro sawang sawa na kayo makita ako everyear na nagme-message dito. Hope you’re doing well po labyuuuuuu


I really love your stories, it's indeed a masterpiece. As your silent reader over the years I've really missed reading your works. I'm humbly asking to please publish them again, the world needs to know all these masterpiece, they need to know how powerful your writing is. I admire you so much, and I hope you'll eventually see that you have this renounced power to captivate your readers. Thank you and please keep safe sir Jin.