Call out to any cosplayers, I know this is an app for reading and stuff but I just wanted to see how may cosplayers are floating around on this app.


@Jessie_Yagami I like the beginning of Never Too Late.


It’s been two months since you updated your Never Too Young Tsu’tey x reader book and I was wondering when you would update I would really love it if you did I just love reading and I want to see what you have in store for the book


I loved your avatar book!!!
          I'm writing a book about what happened after the first avatar. If You a fan of avatar you should check it out.


For anyone wondering what the fan calls are for, here's a little bit of info on it.
          The fan calls are for my Wattpad based channel I have started up. The fan calls will give me a chance to talk to the people who read my books and get to know what you enjoy about my books and what I could take note of if there are any ideas you may have for future and current books.


Hello everyone,
          Was wondering if you awesome people would be interested in me doing fan calls. Message me if you are interested. 
          "Stay Awesome"


If anyone needs help or advice for books, don't be afraid to ask. I will always help anyone who needs it....
          I care about all you kidos ;D


Thank you so much for the votes!! In happy that you like my cringy wtiring from a year ago! Thank you so much! ^^