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The plot twist at the end of the Unremembered series got me so shocked! Love your books!!


The Unremembered trigoly is fantastisck! I can't wait for UnChanged on Danish! I hope you will read some of my books! Or follow me.
          Love from Anna Aurora


I LOVE your books. I finished reading Unrembered and currently reading Unforgotten which I found in the library. I wanna ask you about the third book, Unchanged. Are all the chapters will be posted? 


Hi would like to ask weather the books for the unforgotten is all the chapters in there ?


I would like to say 'hi'. Currently I'm reading your book unremembered the actual book, and it's amazing. I've read up to, part 3 The Surrender. But I read all the rest in one night. And yes it's a 'very cool idea' indeed. I love your passion towards writing, I hope you will get this message. I would like to thank you for creating such a fabulous book. And I'm going to end this with a 'bye'.


I absolutely love your Unremembered series! I have read some many times, that I have lost count. I had just read Unchanged last night and I could not put it down! :) I was up until 3am reading it and now I'm reading it again. I also really loved your book 52 reasons to hate my father, it was so funny my sides hurt for a week from laughing. I really hope you continue writing and maybe even a book that continues the epilogue in Unchanged because now it is killing me to know what will happen. Thank you for writing my favourite book and series! :):):)


I am a huge fan of your work, your so talented and amazing. My favorite book of yours is the Trilogy of Unremembered, Unforgotten and Unchanged. I hope you write back to me because your amazing, if you ever in Boston please text me on this for a book signing. Thank you for all you Books!