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//I went to some stores, saw some wigs, and My sister bought one for Her Halloween costume. I tried looking for a blonde wig for a Ben cosplay. Didn't find one. Went to another store with Halloween shit. Didn't find one. Went to the fourth store, and I still didn't find one. I did find a 'blonde' wig, but it was too white-ish(how is it even blonde?!) And too long. FML))


          	  I'm being Nepeta, genderbent.


this message may be offensive
@Jeff_Thedamn-killer I'm being a black cat this year. And before I get any shit cuz I'm 18, I'm still a kid at heart!!!


@Jeff_Thedamn-killer  I'm going as eric Cartman and my baby sister is going as kenny 


The strange woman looks at Jeff, her eyes curious, but cold...She pulled her bow up to her face, drawing an arrow.
          " ... What are you? Human, or Demon? "