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And THESE, are 5 things you MUST know.

1: You are awesome. No matter what happens, no matter what you tell yourself. No matter what people tell you. You are AWESOME. You have talent. You have a purpose. Just that not all of you use it to your full potential.

2: There is someone out there who loves you very much. Even if, people don't show affection towards you, or you don't feel loved. There is someone who loves you. 'Cause you deserve to be loved.

3: You don't make mistakes, you make learning experiences.

4: When you think about hurting yourself, in ANY kind of way. Of suicide. Think of all those people that have less than you do. That live on the streets. That fight for another day. That keep trying even though they're going through worse, and they don't even lean towards that suicidal stuff. Think of those who love you and how'd they feel. How hard it'd be for them.

5: Life is precious, make something out of it. One small voice, can make a big difference. Will you be that voice?

I hope my words inspire you or at least made you smile, and I hope it made a difference. In a good way.
That's all from me young Warriors!

YOU ARE ALL AWESOME, and I hope to see you,
Next time

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