Hello all! We're JayClan warriors, and we're currently accepting admins! Read below for more information!
(This account has Discord but YOU DON'T NEED IT to join, there's a Wattpad chatbook instead)
Link for Admins Only https://discord.gg/vEZtFSe

If you'd like to join us, either read the application book or send us a private message, where we'll give you the information!

Leader: Tigerstar, a dilute calico she-cat with one green eye & one blue eye. @TigerpeltCloudClan6

Deputy: Flamespring, @Flamespring

Medicine Cats:
Moonpelt @Foxloveforever
Nightshade @Lilkcat
Lunaspirit @warrior_cats_4life

Cherrydusk @UniversalParanoia
Riversnow @Someone1245
Dawnnose @Dawnnose
Snowmist @-Snowmist-
Bearhoof @BearForever27

Silverlight @Crescent_SaveW
Snowfoot @Meowsiy

Sagepaw @Scars_a_savage
Rainpaw @ZubertheUber
Mistypaw @TheWhistlingJay_

Saltkit @JayTheSaltyBastard
Jewelskit @JewelspawOfSkyClan
Dewkit @Dewsong

Jayfern, a blue-gray she-cat with dark ocean blue eyes. (Former Leader/founder) @Warriorcats09
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  • JoinedOctober 4, 2016

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JayClanWarriors JayClanWarriors Jan 04, 2019 11:25PM
So, as you all may know, I still need to appoint a deputy. I considered it carefully, but I decided that the deputy will be @ Flamespring! Congratulations!
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