😂😂 Professional Matchmaker in Truth or Dare and Proposal Speech Writer. 😂😂

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Started using this acc: 4/1/20

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100: 29/03/2020
150: 15/04/2020
200: 08/05/2020

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10k: 29/03/20 - 'Why?'
15k: 02/05/30 - 'Why?'

I love SiX the musical, I ship Seymour x Aragon 😄

If you want me to shut up about SiX the musical, well I'm sorry to disappoint you but there is No Way that's happening anytime soon. Don't lose your head over it because it's nothing personal, I just have a heart of stone and all I wanna do is sing and get down to amazing songs and party to great tracks like 'Haus of Holbein'. If you can't put up with me then you're not a good friend so I don't need your love!

My favourite queen is Jane Seymour (Portrayed by Natalie May Paris) but am open to all Six fan-fics (If it's cast though only the London West End queens)!

Natalie May Paris is my idol!

We Stan Nat Nat!
NMP, AA and MQB's friendship is too precious.

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---Fandom Families----
(if you want to be in one, comment ( for Corrie, Casualty and HTGAWM there is a lot of people so it doesn't matter if they are not in the list))

👑SiX Fam👑
Catherine of Aragon: @JaneKano
Anne Boleyn: @theloveofpotterheads
Jane Seymour: Me
Anna of Cleves: @VEE-LIEVE
Katherine Howard: @EmmaAnemon
Catherine Parr: @elenahoughlin

Annalease: @ambergrosso2
Laurel Castillo: @-GeeKay-
Michela Pratt: @Bella_08xx
Wes Gibbons:
Connor Walsh:
Oliver Hampton:
Rebecca Sutter: Me

🧱Corrie Club🧱
Michelle Connor: @rebekahbosleyx
Leanne Battersby: Me
Tracy Barlow: @elenahoughlin

🏥Casualty Clang🏥
Archie Hudson: Me
Connie Beauchamp: @elenahoughlin
Robyn Miller: @lala5993

💎 OUAT Squad💎
Emma Swan: Me!
Regina Mills: @elenahoughlin
Tink: @ambergrosso
Elsa: @Bella_08xx
  • A world where Natalie Paris is my best friend.
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