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Here's a list of what has happened these past few days
          	• I entered 'Chased by Suits' in the #Wattys2016 and I would like your support on this one if possible 
          	•I decided to keep going with the illustrations and will add them to the first book too(gradually)
          	•I dyed my hair pink/purple and am over the moon
          	•I still love you
          	•I set up a Twitter account @JaneStvAuthor where I'll post early insights on the story/my life, I will make polls (e.g. let you choose the name of a new character in the story) and stuff
          	Thats pretty much it. See you around little shit!


When i finished the Chased By Suits book i was left hanging and wanted more but then when i added the book ii lmao it isnt even completed and last time u updated was last year, i hope you're doing well and fine though.


Please update Chasing Suits Book 2 :((((( I am so inlove with it :(((( at least give them a good ending huhuhu


It’s almost been a year babe! Where are you? Are you okay? Alive? Well and happy? You don’t even need to update or anything, but let us now if your’e okay! Send out a message or something saying your not dead please! It would be greatly appreciated.


Does anybody know what happened to her?!!! I'm about to lose my marbles!!!! 


I love her books the way it is. She don’t need to change it 


oh i understand why she hasn’t posted then. but my selfish part is still sad :( 


She went off to college to become a lawyer and said that she was planning to update (that was last year) after she edits everything