Hey! I'm Jacqueline Emery!

Talking about me, I'm a chill out kind of person.
• Even the world's beauty will look ugly in my eyes, if her personality seems to be a trash.

• Having tons of trust issues but if I begin to trust someone, no backing up!

• Desperate for love. Like honestly, who wouldn't?

• Crazy all the time : I mean, just being myself, and follow what my heart says.

• Not gonna lie, but never ever had a confession, a valentine's day gift or even an experience on being crushed on...how pathetic, huh.

• If there's no respect, then sorry, dude. No mercy will be received from my side at all.

• Respects love alot. Is it weird to believe in fantasic love? Or maybe, an unbelievably true love? Well, some say it's all in stories, but I believe in them.

• To me, all gods are equal. No difference in Jesus, Allah, Hindu gods, Buddha, Mahavir or anyone. Everyone's equal. Just to let you know, we're the ones to give figurines and names for them. But there's a common force which drives us. That's the one to be atleast recognised, if not to believe. And that force is fate.

• Sometimes, life gives you lemons, others say to make lemonade. But I say to plant a tree, and have more lemons. Lemons are sour which gives experience, and lemonades are sweet which gives happiness. But happiness can be bought by experience, experience on how to live and how to let live. So, make more lemons and give others one. So that they'll find something meaningful in their lives because of you.

• Love is beautiful, spread everywhere. Don't hate anything, or find anything disgusted. Since, we actually don't know how it feels to be disgusted because we might not have confronted people who find us useless. But maybe, somewhere in the faraway end, there might be someone who might despise you. But still hope that there's also someone who's always near you to make you strong and unbeatable to confront the hateful one. And that someone is you.
  • Searching him in my wonderland ❤️
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Well, people! Just a small change. I changed the name and cover of the book a bit.From "Mary Shane Of Hemettlew" to "When Sun Heals Moon."Because, you see, the last name was somehow sounding like...
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When Sun Heals Moon by Jacqueline_Emery
When Sun Heals Moon
"I know nothing about this feeling. It's new. It's interesting. And, it drives my thoughts back to you...
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