I am an aspiring writer in my early twenties, for fantasy fiction and my actual travel adventures, hoping to post here to get some feedback and join the community! :)
I studied psychology and philosophy at University, and have traveled a lot for the love of animal conservation! All that contributes to my writing. I like to be engulfed in the world of fiction and good writing.

I enjoy creating an entire world from scratch, and thinking about the limits of reason and normal, and what is too much out there! When I first started designing a world, it was totally wacky and I had to kill off half of the ideas to make some congruent thought. The balance between childish and totally AWESOME/ intriguing is tough though... trying to be original but not totally out there, but not too cliché either... That said- I still don't know if I have achieved what I was hoping in my own Fantasy Fiction story... >_<
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