Hey Royal Etched Gang!
          	Just a reminder that The Family: In the Beginning is available for pre-order. Head on over to Amazon and get yours! 


Sorry, nvm I’ve just been caught up with that’s going on lol but is The Family: in the beginning is the continuation of The Family: Queens & Kings? Would the The Family: in the beginning be considered the 2nd book? 


@newnew456 Yes, that's correct.
            Book 1: The Family: Queens for Kings 
            Book 2: The Family: In the Beginning 
            Book 3: The Family: Strength of an Empire


Hi!@ItsTeir. Love your works and I know you're taking the steps of publishing your works. I recently bought your book. I'm just  curious to know if you plan on publishing all of your works? Such as Surrender. Will that be published as well? And if so will you do it after you finish it on here. Or just finish it and publish it.


@Yasz1221 Yes, it will be published.