Hey! can anyone make a cover for my upcoming story? 


wait I’d love to! i wouldnt say im amazing but here some of the other covers ive made on my other account; @cloudycitiesky


hi, precious <3  u're really precious bae ●
          so, just here to appreciate u,  because i thought why not¿ I may /may not know u,  but trust me,  I meant each & every word I'm gonna say— u're amazing <3 nevereva give up on urself; never give up on ya dreams,  because ya dreams 're so beautiful, just like you.  Yes,  I did call you beautiful,  you know why¿ I saw beauty in your heart ♥ because beauty isn't about face,  but u're gorgeous anyway <3 so,  stay confident bout urself, I'm proud of ya , v proud uk ? u're a cute hoomannn!  so,  aye hooman,  I appreciate your existence,  I appreciate you.  I appreciate everything bout ya!  <3  I mean,  u're no less than anyone out there,  u're capable of anything & everything <3 <3 keep spreading love as much as you can,  honey, love is for free why not give people love ¿ so show love on every human, every living being <3 cause everyone, & everything deserves love & affection!  Oh fish,  I forgot to mention,  damn!  u're lucky you got them beautiful eyes <3  I adore you,  more of all,  I respect you <3  you can always count on me,  I'm just a text away <3 no matter what u're gonna talk about, I'm here listening, I'll always listen to ya!   so give up on that sad face & bring a little smile that I've been waiting for it to appear. Stay hydrated hun, stay safe <3 you matter to me ♥ I'll always need a friend like you in my life,  however & as whatever.  Your gender doesn't matter to me at all,  I like you <3 adore you,  with whatever u've got  so , please stay with that smile,  bring the peace that ya mind been carving for <3  smile,  it makes me happy & keep smiling cause u look so damn cute with that smile :)  again,  u can always count on me.  though I'm your internet friend, I still care for you,  & it's real <3 
           with love 
          — Sana ♡


u're most welcome. 


Hi! I hope you can check out my story on @TheSuperstes❤️
          In search of ways to reach the peak of both of Nathaniel and Devall's career, their passion brought them to Madrid where they tried to nourish their love deeper and at the same time achieve their ultimate dreams. 

          Can they really have all that they want at the same time? Or will they need to let go of one thing to get the other?
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