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Hey Sweeties, I'm New To Making Stories, So If Y'all Don't Mind Checking Me Out && Giving Me Feedback, I'd Be Very Delighted. Also, If Anyone Knows How To Make A Good Cover Pic, I'm Open To Ideas. Message Me or Write On My Wall Etc. 


It's not every day, Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her doorstep. But on this particular day, one moody lead singer, tease of a guitarist, philosophizing bassist, and the world's most unstable drummer will keep her from shutting out the world- and doing her homework.

          A #BWWM coming of age story. Lots of surprises in store, good grammar, and hopefully light on the cliches. Please consider adding- I think it's a fresh, relatable approach to an interracial romance.


Incase anyone's interested, currently working on an interracial story.
           Years have passed since Arielle has been to New York, but this time she is back with her fiancé, Nathan. Both are back seeing as Nathan has graciously managed to get a job at one of the top trades company.  Little does Arielle know that the company is owned by none other than the family of the man whom once owned her heart  - Giancarlo Henderson.