Name: Aizawa Shouta


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Birthday: November 8th

Blood Type: B

Quirk: Erasure

Height: 183cm (6'0)

Family: Yamada Hizashi (husband and best friend), Shinsou (son) and Eri (Daughter) ( @Pluto_Childddd ), Shirakumo Oboro (ex boyfriend, would be other husband, and late best friend)

Kaminari: @V-Shai_Shai

Admin is an 18 year old gay male, please keep that in mind when talking with me. I go by Insomnibitch as the admin, bc I prefer to keep identifying information private.

I WILL NOT ROLEPLAY SMUT WITH A MINOR, SO IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, PLEASE DON'T TRY TO DO A SMUT RP WITH ME! ANY CHARACTERS THAT ARE INVOLVED IN SMUT NEED TO BE OVER 18 AS WELL!! (I would prefer they be canonically 18 or up as well, such as Dabi or Hawks, but if the character is an adult in the rp, I'll be lenient)

Please don't come to me for legal advice, I'm no legal expert.

I don't just use Aizawa for rp! I have a list of characters I like, and I love using OCs too!

My one trigger that I know of that could apply to Wattpad: description of real life gore that could/has happened. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I can't really handle it.

I wouldn't call this a trigger but sometimes I might need a break if I'm overwhelmed with a lot of negativity (it doesn't upset me it just is a little depressing and depressing can lead to freaking out for me because irl I tend to suppress my negative side and it's difficult to keep a lid on that).

People I consider my best friends (tell me if you want to be removed):

If you're hurting, and there's some way I can help, come to me. I care and will do what I can to help.

Please don't post chains on my message board, I'm not interested in them, I appreciate the thought but I never know who to send them to.
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