springtrap drank pee pee lemonade


          	  Lol that genuinely made me chuckle


@Writingmachinedude ahahaahhahahaha it's a joke ahahaha


it’s strange how people just disappear, like Stephanie used to be on here daily. now its almost as if she’s gone. my last notice of her being in late october. i don’t know how Stephanie’s doing. has she found a girlfriend or boyfriend, has she gone of to college, has she been making friends and living her best life? where is she now? was wattpad just a step she needed in her life, the push forward to get somewhere better? maybe she just made a new account, maybe she forgot about it completely. i’ll never forget of this girl, as she makes me ponder. golden girl, bear, insane, what happened? maybe she grew up and left us behind. it feels like a warping if time. certain ones moving on and leaving it in the dust, others left in this ghost town for ages- waiting. for the second time, where’d you go, Stephanie yo?


Hello, daughter of mine, how have you been? How's life treating you? Anything you want from another perspective? I'm all ears, remember that.


You call yourself insane, but yet here you are, writing and typing like an average drone in an office block. I envy you. But don't mind me, I'm just a random Guy in a Suit.