FINALLY, the highly anticipated Triton playlist. I'll link this one as well as a "Harden" playlist in the cast and story chapter :) 


Hi, I just finished Triton and it was amazing! I love that book so much. I think the plot and how the characters were expressed was great, I loved reading it and look forward to reading some more of your books! Keep up the good work:)


hi, how are you? you weren't active here anymore so i decided to drop by. i just finished triton and my heart is hurting because i need more :(( anyways, i hope you're doing great. all the love xx


Hello cutie. I'm sorry to ask, but could you check out my book, "Revival"? It would mean so much to me if you could leave some comments and votes, too. 
          Thank you x.


I'm on vacation and will probably not be on much, but I still see and appreciate your comments