My Watty Award-winning story "The Online Profile of a Serial Killer" is now FREE as of today! 
          	Enjoy and share while it's still free:


@IanTuason thank goodness. It is now free completely. I'm kinda broke :'))


@IanTuason I didn't thought you are online until now. 


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I can't explain how much I luv this book!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I don't care whether this story is a fake one or not...I fucking luv the plot so much!!!!!


❗❗❗Have you posted The Online Profile of a Serial Killer on  Wonovel?❗❗❗
          Because it is on that platform and under a paywall as well and many Wattpad books have been stolen and posted there without author's permission.


Hi, Your book is just so interesting, I wrote one chapter of a story and I was wondering if anyone or you yourself could check it out. It's based in Canada and my friends told me that I should learn to commit to something so, here I am. Thanks for understanding. -G


dude wtf your books are so good i decided to try the first chapter then it was like meth i just couldn't stop reading them , they are so good for real
                              xoxo druggbaby


Hi! I'm sorry for bothering you but I just want you to check my story. ( On going) entitled "How we survived?" It is all about a family wants to be perfect but ended up separating. How did they survived?
          I hope you like it. Thank you!