Uhh don’t be alarmed if you see that I’ve posted a new fic 
          	I haven’t forgotten about Fragile Hearts and I still plan on updating it soon 
          	Also thanks for all the kind messages here, I don’t know how I haven’t seen them before  
          	But um update coming soon k bye


@HoneyTeaDrops thank you 


this reads really awkwardly since all of the emojis were taken out :^)


Hello again... Aahhhhhhh I realllyyyyy love your story ( Fragile hearts) And I miss you eventhough you don't know me. I hope you're alright, It's been so long since you've last updated. Just know that I love your stories and I really hope you'll update soon


Hey! I just wanna say that the Dangerous Fellows--- Fragile Hearts got my attention so fast. I have never read a Dangerous Fellows Fanfiction showing much interest, but as soon as I was on the first chapter, I was literally hooked! Will you be updating it again soon? 


Hi, I hope you're okay since you stopped uploading for more than a year now, I hope nothing bad happened and that you're just taking a break or smth :(


Hey! how are you? it's been like a year since you haven't updated. You know? i really love your story. The fragile hearts it's amazing. I hope you update soon. I'm waiting to read Fragile hearts again with a new update! 


I love your story (Dangerous Fellow) 
          I hope you’re doing good author.
          I will patiently wait for you to comeback. 


Can you please continue Fragile Hearts 


Hope you're doing well!! I miss reading your writing!


I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re staying healthy! ♡♡♡