I love Lemurs, School, People, Cats, and Food. 
But I love food the most, lemurs are a close second.
I also like to listen to music, but only music that makes me feel sad because I'm lowkey a masochist.

I made a blog, so you should check it out: https://michelsunsolicited.wixsite.com/mysite

It's mostly satire and advice, so if you need advice you can drop it there.

I sort of speak French (And I'm learning German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. But, I'm only conversational in French. I do know how to say apple in French, Spanish, Italian, and English... That's something...?)

I take an immensely long time to update. But I get around to it.

If you have a story you think I would like please feel free to tell me. I love reading, and if you want me to give an honest judgement I can supply one. But I like almost everything I read so....

"The lace of your dress tangles my neck. How do I live?" - Death Of A Bachelor, Panic! At The Disco

I kinda want a buddy, so PM me, fam. I'm willing to talk about ANYTHING.

Again, I'm in desperate need of really good stories and poems. I really don't care about genres. Any suggestions?


"Would you lie with me, and just forget the world?" - Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol

PRO TIP: Wear a bullet proof vest at all times (We all know what happened to Lexa...)
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