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| A B O U T |

The community is about supporting horror books. There are a lot of books on Wattpad and the majority of the time horror books get buried at the bottom, underneath all the romance novels and teen fiction books. In this community all we want is horror. Nothing but horror, no lovey dovey romance. We want blood, gore and to be left terrified.

This community is aiming for the horror genre, for both successful authors of horror and those who need help getting their horror books noticed.

Anything is accepted here, as dark and as scary as you wish. No judgement is made as to how sinister your mind works.

Once you follow us you instantly become part of the community.

| G O A L |

Our goal is to help people find amazing horror books, each are reviewed by our admin before added into our reading lists to provide the best reads.

We also aim to encourage more people to write horror, not to be scared of writing something completely insane and twisted. We are here to support and promote everything horror, the more twisted the better.

| R U L E S |

Bullying is not permitted here.

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