A book a day keeps the inspiration at play

I love to read.
That's a given.
I cant imagine going a day without reading, even if I can only get a few pages in. Books are a means of travel. A way of life. Resources of knowledge. Food for the imagination. "Books are uniquely portable magic." - Stephen King.

Ill read just about anything, I refuse limit myself to just one genre. However, romance, has to be my go to choice when I'm looking for something new to read. I'm a sucker for love, whimsical, passionate, tragic or otherwise. "Love is not something you feel, it is something you do." - David Wilkerson.

And while reading is my favorite pass time, I do enjoy doing other stuff too. Like listening to music, playing games, watching movies with friends and family, and eating an unhealthy amount of sweets. I have no regrets about it so far.

My favorite shows to watch are - A Million Little Things, Stranger Things, The Voice, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Office, The Twilight Zone, Mystery Science Theater, Riverdale, The Flash, Friends, Vikings, New Girl, Once, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, The Magicians, and so much more.

I've come to learn while being on Wattpad that I'm a hopeless romantic. I fall for characters easily, I can get so absorbed in stories I feel like I'm living them, and I have a major obsession with bad boys. I have several crushes already and the numbers keep on growing. Its becoming a problem. But its a problem I'm not willing to fix.

I've recently been inspired by one of my favorite writers on here to try writing myself. I'm not sure how it will go or if I'll summon enough courage to follow through with it, but I hope I'll learn to be brave. Wish me luck!

Love is like a hollowed out piece of chocolate, filled with melted music - Jarod Kintz
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