Greetings to you all!
I'm a terrible writer and a meh reader... Wait...why are you on my page? (Gah! Run away!)

Also... I enjoy editing other people's works, but absolutely despise writing and editing my own. I've "recently" found The Road to Wattys page and now offer Beta Reading services (since I'm not good enough to edit). I'm better at noticing grammar and flow issues and am working towards my ability to notice plot and character progression.
However, I tend to work on one book at a time, and so even if I have accepted your request, it may take some time for me to get to you. For my sanity and your expectations, I have set up a "Beta Reading List" which also functions as the queue to my reading :D

Favourite authors:
@CrystalScherer (Sci-fi)
@RobThier (Humor)
@addicted2dragons (Fantasy)
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