Hinata: HI! HELLO! HOW ARE YOU? I'M HINATA SHOUYOU, BUT YOU CAN CALL ME HINATA! OR SHOUYOU! YOUR CHOICE! You're really pretty! What's your name? What school do you go to? Who are your friends? Do you play any sports? What-


Hinata: *blushes* A-ah, yeah, sorry. Hey, Azzi, weren't we going to do the thing where we introduce each other? Like... I introduce you? And you me? Can we~?

Admin: *sighs* Whatever. This tiny dork is Hinata Shouyou. He's fifteen, and in Karasuno High School's yolleyball team.


Admin: Sh-shut up! Besides, it's only a... a few centimetres!

Hinata: *glares* This is Azzi, and she's insane.

Admin: *preens* I certainly am.

Hinata: It wasn't a compliment.

Admin: *pouts* Whatever. I'm here to make sure Hinata doesn't make a complete fool of himself all the time. Which he certainly would do.

Hinata: H-HEY!

Admin: *skips out of range of kicks* Sooo... Hinata's a Middle Blocker in Karasuno. He idolises the Little Giant, and his shirt number is 10.

Hinata: I'm part of a spiking duo with Kageyama Tobio! He's got an awful face and an awful personality, but he tosses to me, so it's okay!

Admin: *evil smile creeps onto face* Of course he does. In fact... you hate him, don't you?

Hinata: O-of course! Why would I even like him, ahaha, that's just stupid, he's so violent and controlling and who would even like him, ah, ahaha, ha... *continues muttering to self*

Admin: *smooshes face* *whispers* Stay tuned! >:)

(( This is a Hinata Shouyou roleplay account, and I'm the admin, Azzi! I hope there's some other RP accounts out there! I'm not too good at this whole thing, but hey, it could be fun! If you ever want to RP with me, or fangirl about Haikyuu!!, just message me, either on here or my personal account, @SparrowWings191 . I look forward to, uh, doing stuff with you guys! c: ))
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