Hello I'm a Newbie here on Wattpad and a Newbie to Writing.

I know that not many/not all will like the stories I write as everyone has their own opinions but that's okay, just keep in mind I'm new so please do not judge/attack my stories with random unnecessary hate. If there is some errors/mistakes you see in my stories, please politely correct by asking or saying what the issue is and I will explain, correct it or take that advice onwards. No Spam, No Requests, No Hate or Negativity Thanks.

Most of my Stories will be based around a few of my O.Cs which are from many different Fandoms or based on Fav YouTubers etc.
My Favorite YouTubers are Markiplier & Jacksepticeye, these two have inspired me to create Characters of them.
My Other O.Cs are Either From:
Fav Book Series Inspired Characters: Wings of Fire & Eragon.
Fav Movie/Tv Show Inspired Characters: Avatar (Pandora Alien Race), Pacific Rim & Dragon Booster.
Fav Video Game Inspired Characters: Undertale & Spyro.
I'm mostly known in the Furry Fandom.
My Main Fursona/Character that I'm known for is Static Pause my Dutch Angel Dragon.

My Dutch Angel Dragon Static Pause will be the first ever big story to come out on this account, but before that, I'll be writing test subject stories to improve on my writing skills for the big stories to become better. I am really hoping to finish this big story as its my first ever attempt at writing a personal public story, its very meaningful to me and I hope people will like my character Static Pause as much as I love them.
(Story Content will most likely be within 2021).
Thanks to those that will stick around and those that will enjoy reading my stories once there out.
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