Asalaam Alaikum everyone!!! 😊 
Here's a little about me; I'm an Italian / Greek Hajjah revert who is so thankful to Allah Ta'Alla in guiding me to Islam; as well as inviting my husband and I to perform Hajj 🕋 in 2012
It was a beautiful and surreal life changing experience - even tearful at times and I pray that we're re-invited to the sacred site again one day; with the addition of our two blessed son's Insha'Allah.

Married to a wonderful Kashmiri man; born & bred in West London, who I whole heartily love and adore more than words can express. I thought having a husband like mine only existed in romantic movies & books but Allah (SWT) has blessed me with someone who is my rock, my life, my everything Masha'Allah. He's the one that makes me laugh, wipes away my tears, hugs me & tells me everyday how much he loves me (Main tumse Muhabbat karta hoon)

I honestly found the true meaning of love, not even death will do us part; we'll be reunited in Jannah hand in hand Insha'Allah 🤲🏼

I used to bare a heavy burden because I wasn't fully accepted in the Asian environment, they saw me as the white girl (the gora) & to some; still sadly not accepted.

Even-through i'm a Hajji and have the same light olive skin tone as my husband, am I really so different?

We all have different ethnic backgrounds, speak different languages and have different coloured skin but are we not all from the same human race? Are we not all descendants from Adam and Haawa (Eve)?

Everyday I keep my head up high because Allah Ta'Ala has bought me & my husband together for a reason and not even mountains will get in the way of two people whom He has put together Insha'Allah.

Ya Allah! please protect my husband and sons and I, for you alone know how much I love them...

And We created you in pairs. (Quran 78.8)

Thank you to my Wattpad contacts who have truly accepted me; you know who you are 😊
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Happy Friday to my Wattpad contacts. May you & your family all be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah. Jummah Mubarak ❤
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